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Our Vision is to create a critical mass of cities pro-actively collaborating in sharing sensitive personal information on cyber safety more rapidly, more widely and more intensively than is currently the case.

Our Mission is to significantly reduce the probability and impact of cyber-attacks on public city administrations in Europe.

Our Goal is to support the more effective and sustainable implementation of secure digital solutions for our citizens.

About us

The EU ISAC for Cities (I4C+) is a Special Interest Group hosted by Major Cities for Europe.

The EU ISAC for Cities (I4C+) is a decentralized Information and Analysis Centre (ISAC) whose members are CIOs/CISOs of EU cities (plus relevant supporting organisations) exchanging personal sensitive ([TLP:RED]) knowledge to improve their individual and collective cyber resilience. The “+” emphasizes the “high touch, low tech” of our community. I4C+ is supported by ENISA, a member of the European Cyber Security Community supporting Digital Europe, and a founding member of the EU Council of ISACs.

The EU ISAC for Cities (I4C+) runs a variety of projects including the implementation of a joint-defence agreement among members, pragmatic actionable interventions for implementing the NIS2 Directive and working to shape a NIS2+ world addressing the concerns of EU Public Administrations.

Our Services

Sharing [TLP:RED] KnowledgeCreating IntelligenceResourcing Operations
Free Advisory & Notifications(Joint) Risk Register
/ Management
(Joint) Benchmarking Compliance
(CIS18 & GDPR)*
Free Weekly “Caffe Corretto” Round(Joint) Benchmarking Cyber Solutions
(Defence in Depth)
(Joint) Defence Exercises
Free Expert Webinars(Joint) Vulnerability Analysis (i.e., Penetration Testing and Dark Web Monitoring)*Shared Resources
Free Joint-Defence Tabletop Exercises (VAUBAN)(Joint) Cyber Awareness Building*Distributed SOC*
Free Research Interview / Survey ParticipationEU Project Participation(Joint) Cyber Tender Preparation
* Commercial Third Party Offerings contracted directly by Subscribers

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Weekly Updates can be followed at https://isac4cities.eu/blog